About Us – Social & Public Sector


At Brodock Enterprise, we enable organisations to fulfill their mission to the public. We work to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of government Institutions by drawing on our private sector experience. We also collaborate with government agencies to address challenges.

Our social impact efforts are directed towards:

  • Supporting educational organisation
  • Helping with economic and community development
  • Assisting international development entities
  • Tragic planning with government departments
  • Supporting state owned enterprises

The nonprofit, government and higher education sectors play a significant role in the global economy–and in the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Max & West helps leading organizations in these sectors transform their strategies in the face of profound challenges.

Higher education:
Trimming university budgets Colleges and universities turn to Max & West for help managing their spending.

Social Changes:
Max & West has always been a leader in social impact work. We roll up our sleeves and get results for all our stakeholders. “Max & West helped us think about how we can be more efficient with our spending. Procurement is a big area for us; Max & West brought third party tools that helped convince us that we could save a great deal more than imagined.”


  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Our economic development work focuses on promoting economic growth through social and public sector chances. This includes regional economic development and national reform strategies.
  • HEALTH: Our public healthcare work focuses strategy, operations, performance transformation and procurement.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Among the most challenging issues facing government today is how to use IT effectively and cost – efficiently. IT is a critical tool for enabling the government to deliver more and higher quality series to more constituents. However, many government institutions have experienced its downside – system that don’t deliver the desired functionality, cost overruns, premature obsolescence and several procurement problems. We help our clients manage or avoid many of the most common IT –relected pitfalls. As a result, we have developed a distinctive perspective on infrastructure transformation, IT architecture and application modernization, and technology driven data.
  • ORGANISATION: Government departments are among the most complex organizations in nearly every country in the world. They are large, have multiple objectives, and face increasing demands to deliver more services at a lower cost. As a result of this complexity; We:
  1. Redesign organizations and their interaction with stakeholders
  2. Transform overall performance
  3. Create talent management strategies
  • PUBLIC FINANCE: Our public finance work focuses on the effective budgeting and planning of public revenue and expenditures. This can include projects such as expenditure analysis, innovative project finance models such as public – private partnerships and exploring new methods of revenue generation. We enable accountability by ensuring the most efficient use of public funds in achieving public goals.
  • EDUCATION: Our education exports come from diverse backgrounds, many having been teachers, policy makers, institution al leaders and researchers. Our goal is to deliver substantial and lasting increases in student achievement.
  • STRATEGY: We support our clients in the public sector to develop, execute and meet set targets. We work with our clients the achieve goals in the face of uncertainty and complexity by evaluating progress in executive of their strategy plans.
  • SYSTEM STRATEGY AND TRANSFORMATION: We work with clients to transform education system to deliver improved individual, social and economic outcomes. Our teams diagnose the performance of an education system, identity opportunities for change.
  • TALENT AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: We help create system wide accountability, develop tools for capturing and managing data, and design strategies to institutionalize data – driven improvements.
  • ADMINISTRATION AND OPERATIONS: We help clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their central administrative offices and process. We also design program-me to streamline costs and operations, so that resources go toward initiatives to improve a system performance.
  • INSTITUTIONAL STRATEGY AND INNOVATIONS: We lead efforts to launch, scale and transform the performance of individual institutions from non-governmental organizations to universities. We help clients create and scale new innovations and form strategic partnerships across and within sectors.